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Here is the technical stuff; the next paragraph is about my therapeutic style and approach. I have over 30 years of experience providing psychotherapy and psychological assessment. I have a strong reputation as a trusted and ethical therapist. I particularly enjoy working in private practice, as it allows me to create  safe and trusting relationships with my clients. I am skilled in helping people in either long- or short-term therapy and have pursued post-graduate training and education in the following areas: psychodynamic psychotherapy / family of origin issues; brief, or short-term psychotherapy; psychotherapy for people struggling with addiction and recovery, and their family members; psychological testing and assessment.

Over the many years that I have spent helping people improve their lives as we work through their issues together, I believe that what makes me a good therapist is not my training or my education, but my ability to listen and to put myself in your shoes. As therapists, we are trained in certain techniques and approaches, but what matters most in therapy is having a warm, safe, trusting relationship with a therapist who understands you.  Skilled at listening with my "3rd ear," I can help untangle the emotional layers beneath your words to promote a deeper understanding of yourself. Self-knowledge is one of the most powerful tools you have to guide you toward making the decisions and taking the actions that are right for you. 

  I am exceptionally accepting and non-judgmental and am a 

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