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Psychological Testing, Assessment, Evaluation

Dr. Jaffe is passionate about using psychological testing and assessment to help you identify and find solutions to problems. She has a philosophy of excellence and is committed to providing evaluations that exceed industry standards. 


A comprehensive Psychological Evaluation or Assessment provides in- depth information that focuses on a your unique psychological characteristics. Psychological Assessment is an efficient and accurate way to identify diagnoses and get an in depth understanding of yourself. It can take many months of psychotherapy to attain the the amount of information you get from an assessment.​​


How do you know if you could benefit from psychological testing and evaluation?

Psychological evaluation offers insight into the severity of psychological problems and a person's potential to function better. An evaluation is often helpful in the following situations:

  • If you have not been helped by psychotherapy;

  • If you feel stuck in your life and nothing you have tried has helped;

  • If you have very significant problems in relationships or jobs; 

  • If you suffer from emotional dysregulation (an inability to control emotions or are easily overwhelmed by strong emotions);

  • If you think you may have serious psychological problems such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, an autism spectrum disorder, or a personality disorder;

  • If you think you have ADHD;

  • If you have been diagnosed with ADHD and need accommodations at school or work;

  • Psychological Assessment or Evaluation is often requested by a treatment provider such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or other treatment provider to help understand and diagnose an adult's symptoms in order to provide the most effective treatment.

What happens during psychological testing and assessment?

Dr. Jaffe will meet with you for a lengthy interview in which she takes a history of your problems, life experiences, health, and psychological functioning. This gives you the opportunity to explain what you have been struggling with.

You will take a battery of psychological tests that are specific to the issues to be assessed. These may be questionnaires, computer tests, academic tests, tests that use pictures, and other things.

Dr. Jaffe then interprets the tests and writes you a long report of the results for you to keep. You will meet with me to review the results, report, recommendations, and to get answers to your questions.

Are there other ways a psychological assessment or evaluation could help me?

Your assessment will include a list of recommendations that give you a road map of next steps to take to help yourself. I tailor these to you and your specific needs.

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