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Counseling for Alcoholism

How Counseling for Alcoholism Helps


How do you know when you need counseling for alcoholism? This varies for everyone. For some, it might start with a court order for a substance abuse assessment. For others, it may be that there was an intervention staged. Then again, you may realize that you’ve been out of control for some time and know that you need help.


Whatever has led you to realize that counseling for alcoholism is needed, we’re here for you. At CJaffe PHD in San Diego, we look forward to providing you with the counseling that you need to put your alcoholism to rest once and for all.


It all starts by scheduling an assessment. It allows us to learn about the areas that have been affected by alcoholism and what extent the addiction is at. This makes it easier for us to match you to a counselor who can provide you with the help that you need.

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