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Therapy For Addiction

The Importance of Therapy for Addiction


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. In fact, it’s often the easiest way to overcome the problems that you’re facing. Therapy for addiction is a lot like asking for help – and at CJaffe PHD, we’re here to provide it for you.


Whether you have been court ordered to get the help, your family staged an intervention, or you have come to the conclusion on your own, we’re here for you. It all starts with evaluating your level of addiction. From there, we can provide you with a custom treatment plan specifically for you.


Therapy for addiction allows you to learn more about why you have turned to drugs and/or alcohol. It also allows you to take the most effective approach to say “no” once and for all to them. You can learn about healthier ways to deal with life through the therapy sessions.


When you’re ready to learn more, contact our center.

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