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  • Dr. Carrie Jaffe

Talking it Over: The Benefits of Therapy

People are sometimes hesitant about getting therapy that will help them deal with certain issues in their lives. There are many reasons for this hesitancy including certain biases against mental healthcare among other reasons. But finding a local psychologist or a ‘psychologist near me’ who is qualified to help you work through your problems is an excellent way to move forward successfully in your life.

Who needs therapy?

People sometimes question how simply talking about their problems can be of any help. Studies have been conducted which showed that the simple of act of talking about one’s problems with another has a positive and therapeutic effect on the brain. It’s cathartic and when the person you are talking to is clinically trained to recognize and help people work through challenges and problems, it’s even better.

Your local psychologist is a therapist who is highly skilled with post-graduate degrees and is licensed by your state’s licensing body to provide therapy. If you are getting therapy from a psychologist, he or she will help you better understand yourself. You can come to learn and identify the moods and behaviors that influence your life and make you feel and act the way you do.

Everyone has the day-to-day problems that can be trying and difficult, but some are dealing with huge and profound issues that may be debilitating preventing them from engaging in life the way they want. A psychologist will help individuals work through these issues using techniques for solving problems. People suffering from addiction, anxiety, and depression have been able to address and work out a better way of dealing with these challenges through therapy.

But seeking therapy doesn’t have to be for serious mental conditions. Sometimes, just getting through day-to-day issues can be trying. Learning how to cope and master the skills needed to handle these situations and your own emotions can be helpful and help others live better lives.

Why some resist therapy

Some people were raised in a way that makes them feel they must handle problems silently and alone. Unfortunately, this can be a damaging mindset that stops individuals from seeking help for their problems and having a happier life. Leaving problems causing you unhappiness or pain to resolve themselves forces you to stay stuck in a situation you can’t cope with or deal with effectively.

Finding a therapist and beginning therapy is a giant step towards dealing with your problems. You don't have to continue to struggle with these issues alone. Starting therapy could be the best decision you'll ever make.

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